FU Team


Honza Weber                                 Vašek Kroutil


  • 7x World Champion                                 European Champion 2010
  • 5x European Champion                            5x Czech Champion
  • Over 2000 public shows                            European Yo-Yo legend
  • Guest of many Wolrd TV shows                 One of the most experienced lectors
  • Czech and World records holder               Guest of many TV shows

Martin Dražil                               Irena Kulišanová

BMX FLATLAND                                      FRISBEE FREESTYLE

  • PRO BMX rider since 2001                      Vice-World Champion 2013
  • Multiple Czech Champion                      Multiple European Champion
  • Shows all over the Europe                     The best Czech Frisbee Freestyler
  • Big Asian tour                                       Very experienced Frisbee lector

Anežka Bočková                            Sans Encombre

ROPE SKIPPING                                       FREE RUNNING

  • Czech representation                              The best free running group in Czech
  • The best Czech rope skipper                    Professional team since 2008
  • Member of the best Czech RS team          Very experienced lectors
  • Czech records holder                              Guests of many Czech TV shows